Product Code HANOVER-LX33 Series
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3:3 Phase ONLINE UPS
Transformer Based Industrial


Capacity 100kVA / 90kW
Model HANOVER-LX33100
Brand GMAC
Brand Origin Germany
Technology Online Transformer Based Industrial UPS
Phase 3:1
Voltage range 380/400/415Vac (-25% / +20%), (3Ph+N+PE)
Frequency range 50/60Hz (±5%)
Range Power Factor >0.97 (with filter)
Output Voltage 380/400/415Vac (±1%)
Output frequency 50/60Hz (±0.05%)
THDv <3% with linear load
Crest factor 3:1 (max)
Efficiency ≥91.5%
Rated voltage 380/400/415Vac
Rated frequency 50/60Hz(auto-sensing)
Voltage protection range Upper limit: +20% (+10%, +15%, +20% adjustable)
Lower limit: -40% (-10%, -20%, -30%, -40% adjustable)
Frequency protection range ±10% (±2.5%, ±5%, ±10%, ±20% adjustable)
Battery Voltage 432Vdc
Number of Battery 12V×36Pcs
Transfer time 0ms (Line mode →Battery mode)
Overload ≤110%/60min, ≤125%/10min, ≤150%/1min, to Bypass
LED display Input, Inverter, Bypass, Battery, Output, Status
LCD display I/O voltage, frequency, power, power factor, battery voltage, current, battery status, load percentage, UPS status, history record
Communication interface Dry contact, RS232, RS485, SNMP card (Optional)
Optional Harmonic filter, SNMP adapter, LBS cables, battery temperature sensor, Bypass current-sharing inductor
Operating Temperature 0~40°C
Storage Temperature -25℃~55℃
Humidity Range 0~95% (Non-condensing)
Altitude <1500m
Noise level <65dB
Safety IEC/EN 62040-1; IEC/EN 60950-1
Performance IEC 62040-3
EMC IEC/EN 62040-2; IEC 61000-2-2; IEC 61000-4-2; IEC 61000-4-3; IEC 61000-4-4; IEC 61000-4-5; IEC 61000-4-6; IEC 61000-4-8; IEC 61000-4-11


Description :

Embedded with isolated transformer, UID three-phase UPS solution raging from 10kva-120kva are designed for harsh environment especially industrial application. With a high-power factor up to 0.97,full DSP control and online double-conversion design, it can offer high levels of reliability and protection for industrial facilities and mission-critical systems, ensuring maximum power reliability.

General Features
● Online double conversion
● Full DSP control
● High power factor:0.9
● Wide input adaptability:(380Va/400Vac/415Vac) (-25%/+20%)
● Optimized battery management, self-test & flexible battery configuration 
● N+X parallel redundancy
● Strong overload capability:110%/125%/150% overload for 60/10/1min.
● Power walk-in
● Generator mode
● LBS synchronization
● Multi-protection
● User-friendly network management

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