6V7.5Ah KENSON Battery

6V7.5AH KENSON Battery

Product Code KS6-7.5
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Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery


Capacity 6V7.5Ah
Model KS6-7.5
Type Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid
Warranty Six Months


Description :

The Advantages of VRLA AGM Battery
    ❏ Long design life
    ❏ Maximum charge efficiency;
    ❏ High Oxygen recombination efficiency;
    ❏ Low self-discharge rate;
    ❏ Wide temperature range
    ❏ Easy handling and installation

The Features of VRLA AGM Battery
    ❏ Positive plates: Flat pasted plate with lead-calcium-tin grid alloy;
    ❏ Negative plates: Flat pasted plate with lead-calcium grid alloy;
    ❏ Separators: Micro-porous AGM separator;
    ❏ Container: High-strength ABS
    ❏ Electrolyte: Absorbed sulfuric acid;
    ❏ Terminal posts: High-conductivity terminals
    ❏ Post sealing: Double sealing structure;
    ❏ Vents: High-efficiency low-pressure venting system.

The Application of VRLA AGM battery
    ❏ Emergency power
    ❏ Alarms, Fire & Security Systems
    ❏ Medical
    ❏ General Electronics & Control Equipment
    ❏ Communications Equipment

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