HT Switchgear (VCB)

HT Switchgear (LBS/VCB)

Product Code HT-002
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Available capacity of HT Switchgear (LBS/VCB)

  • 11KV-630A
  • 11KV-1250A

Description :

Indoor / Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker panel used to control and protection of the power supply to motors, transformers, capacitors, and other feeder circuits. Designed for indoor/outdoor use and is particularly suitable for
❏ Electric power plants
❏ Substations
❏ Industrial plants
❏ Commercial buildings
❏ Pumping stations
❏ Pipeline stations and
❏ Transportation systems.
❏ Large infrastructures: Airports, railways, etc.
❏ Installation in AIS cubicles
❏ Power stations: Wind farms
❏ Utilities: Primary distribution substations
❏ Industry: Chemical, Iron and steel, automobile, etc.
❏ VCB's are available at rated voltages of 6.6 to 36 kV, with rated short-circuit breaking capacities from 25 to 40 kA.


Testing is performed by an independent testing team. Fully Insulated Design and all the operations are behind closed doors. All components, such as current transformers, voltage transformers, and multifunction relays are made of the highest quality materials. Our new generation design has reduced the number of parts, which reduces the chance of failure.

Compartment partitions and an automatic shutter system completely isolate the live part. Comprehensive interlocking mechanisms are used for Safe Operations. MAX VCB's are designed to withstand the huge pressure and burning effect of the arc to withstand in the event of an internal arc fault.

Specially designed Multiple Protection Relays are installed to provide protection, measurement, and communications and control functionality.

Flexible features like readily extensible, Panels with main circuit and control cable entry from either the top or bottom are available for easy installation. Installation and testing duration are considerably reduced as the panel is tested in the factory and then delivered as a complete unit.

Question :

Q: How can I get technical details of HT Switchgear (LBS/VCB) ?
Ans: For more details please download the catalog.