LT Switchgear

LT Switchgear

Product Code LT-003
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Available LT Switchgear 
32A, 40A, 50A, 63A, 80A, 100A, 160A, 200A, 250A, 315A, 400A, 500A, 630A, 800A, 1000A, 1250A, 1600A, 2000A, 2500A, 3200A, 4000A, 5000A, 6300A

Description :

A Distribution board (also known as panelboard, breaker panel, or electric panel) is a component of an electricity supply system that divides an electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits while providing a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit in a common enclosure. Normally, the main switch, and in recent boards, one or more residual-current devices (RCD) or residual current breakers with overcurrent protection (RCBO), are also incorporated.

The materials used in the manufacturing of the LT Panel are of optimum quality that ensures high durability and resistivity to various factors supporting corrosion. Moreover, the use of the advanced techniques in the manufacturing of the main LT Panel makes then a perfect match to the national as well as international standards. Moreover, customers are eased with the availability of the LT Control Panel at the most affordable prices.

Key features of Main Distribution Boards:

❏ Rated up to 6300A
❏ Rated operating voltage up to 690V
❏ Designed for both withdrawal able & fixed versions
❏ Ample cabling space for easy connections
❏ Top and bottom cable entry
❏ panels for front or rear access to suit the application
❏ Index of protection: IP 45, IP 55 & IP65 (Outdoor)
❏ Wall/Floor mounting
❏ Maximum safety & reliability
❏ Customized design to meet the end-user requirements.

Question :

Q: How can I get technical details of LT Switchgear
Ans: For more details please download the catalog.