About Us

TNS ENGINEERING LTD is one of the leading Company in Bangladesh, the firm consisted of more than 50 (Fifty) people, who are highly experienced in a related job, already achieve trust from more than 200 renowned companies in Bangladesh for quality products and 24/7 service support, We treat our customers with respect and faith; we grow through creativity, invention, honesty, integrity, and business ethics into all aspects of our business function, already build a countrywide technical team network to provide instant primary support to valuable customers

Type of Business: Import, Trading, Manufacturing, Distribution.

Recognition and Awards: International Star Award for Quality – Geneva 2012, Awarded for Quality in Geneva acknowledges the commitment to Quality, Leadership, Technology, and Innovation

Quality Control: One of the best Total Quality Management (TQM) team involved to ensure the quality of the product which are manufacture by TNS or import from abroad.



Kamrunnesa Shumi

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”- Helen Keller


It has never been easy for women to prove their mettle, but fighting against the odds in the stereotype male-dominated society, leading ladies have made important contributions as businesswomen or entrepreneurs, Mrs.Kamrunnesa Shumi is one of them.

MOST. KAMRUNNESA SHUMI is the Founding Chairman of TNS Engineering Ltd, which is a popular Engineering company in Bangladesh. She is an innovative, self-motivated, and enterprising Bangladeshi business icon who has instrumented his success in the field of diversified business portfolios.

Key Qualifications of MOST.KAMRUNNESA SHUMI

•    Master of Social Science
•    18 years of work experience
•    Overseas trained


Engr Rezaul Karim


ENGR.REZAUL KARIM is the founding Managing Director of TNS Engineering Ltd, the company founded in 2009, He is one of the most promising and potent entrepreneurs, after serving for 7 years in various positions in different companies of Bangladesh, he turned entrepreneur at the age of 27, He would like to work meaningfully through consistency, discipline, and hard work in a competitive environment based on strong commitment and of course to serve the nation.

He is a member of Bangladesh Computer Samity (BCS), Electronics Traders Association of Bangladesh (ETAB), Bangladesh UPS Association, Bangladesh Industrial Engineering Association (BIEA), and many more...

Key Qualifications of ENGR.REZAUL KARIM

•    Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical & Electronic
•    21 years of work experience in Electrical & Electronics products manufacturing
•    Overseas trained from India, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Thailand & United Arab Emirates.